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E. Conservation

Environmental conservation is our specialty. There is no sustainable life unless our environment is conserved. We are committed to environmental conservation as well as rehabilitation.

Primary Business Address
P.O. Box 16810-20100, Nakuru
Mobile: +254 723156082
Mobile 254 728610512

About Us

AgriGreen Alliance Africa Ltd (AGAA) is a consultancy firm committed to environmental conservation and sustainable agriculture with the aim of enhancing food security and therefore sustainable lives in Africa. It is a registered company under the companies act, chapter 486 of the laws of Kenya. Whatever happens, we must never lose the earth. It is the one thing that everything and everyone depends on. Therefore, to effectively change people’s lives through agriculture, we must protect the environment. This will ensure continued productivity for a prosperous future.

For this reason, our company is committed to working with the local communities sensitizing the importance of environmental conservation as well as enhancing their livelihood through sustainable agriculture. We also educate the public on soil conservation and sustainable farming practices. Our vision is to see a change in the way we treat the environment, not just for today but also for many days to come, for the sake of the future generations who will depend on the same resources. We endeavor to also enhance productivity of African farmers by fostering trainings to equip them with good agribusiness skills as well as value addition.

AGAA is made up of specialist consultants from a diversity of environmental fields who are motivated to offer our clients with unprecedented body of knowledge and expertise in environmental management and sustainable agriculture.


Ensure provision of secure livelihoods through sustainable enterprises and environmentally sound practices in Africa


To foster effective environmental management for enhanced entrepreneurial productivity that contributes to food security in Africa.


We are associated with Graduate Kazi that specializes in recruiting graduates.
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